Majestix Stamp Set Poinsettias and Peppermints

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Poinsettias and Peppermints Majestix Christmas Stamp Set includes; Poinsettia, Curly Branch, Candy Cane, Dotty Spruce, Holly, Berries, Ponsettia Leaf

Stamping Guide as seen on the Packaging
For more information See Hints and Tips for Majestix Stamping
Stamp the large Poinsettia randomly using a Burgundy Inkpad. Use this stamp to form the basic shape for your design.
Fill in with other stamps; The Fine Curly Branch in Pinecone, The Candy Cane in Burgundy, The Dotty Spruce in Evergreen, the Poinsettia Leaves in Green Tea, The Holly Leaf in Evergreen and the Berries in Grape.

Storlek 1-1,5 cm