Majestix Stamp Set Sakura Blooms Majestix Stamp Set Sakura Blooms


Majestix Stamp Set Sakura Blooms

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Sakura Blooms Majestix Floral Peg Stamp Set with 7 stamps; Large Sakura Flower, Medium Sakura Flower, Sakura Flower Profile, 2 Sakura Leaves, Budding Flower.

Stamping Guide as seen on the Packaging
For more information See Hints and Tips for Majestix Stamping
The Largest Stamp in the set fits onto a Large Acrylic Peg.
Stamp the Large Sakura Flower in Atlantic Ink. Use this stamp to form the basic shape for your design. Stamp it again in Peony Ink.
Fill in with the remaining stamps: Stamp the Medium Sakura Flower and Sakura Flower Profile in Neptune and then the Sakura Leaves in Bamboo. Stamp the budding flower in Neptune.

storlek 1 - 2 cm